When is the next local election?

Election Date: Saturday, ​May 1, 2021.

Last day to register to vote: April 1, 2021.​
Early voting by personal appearance: Monday, April 19 – Tuesday, April 27.

What is the responsibility of City Council?

The seven members of City Council are elected at large for three years. The Council is responsible for final approval of the City’s budget, zoning changes, special permits,  appointments to various local government positions, bond issues and the tax rate. Additionally, the Council appoints members to various Boards and Commissions ( i.e. CRDC, Park and Recreation, Economic Development, Planning and Zoning)  and makes decisions on public policy.

What is the responsibility of Boards and Commissions?

Within the local government structure, there are several Boards and Commissions that assist in the smooth operation of the City. The City of Coppell has nine Boards and Commissions, each comprised of citizens and elected officials. Members are responsible for listening to residents on any given issue, reviewing City Staff recommendations, listening to subject matters experts and making final recommendations to City Council.

What is the Coppell Recreation Development Corporations (CRDC)?

The Coppell Recreation Development Corporation is a non-profit corporation incorporated pursuant to and governed by Local Government Code Chapter 505. The CRDC is charged with the responsibility of expending the proceeds of the ½-cent sales tax in accordance with Section 4B for the construction and development of numerous projects as defined by the voter approved proposition and by the City Council.

What is the population of Coppell?   Total population: 41,290



What are the Revenues vs  Expenditures in 2020-2021 City budget?

Total-Budgeted RevTotal-Budgeted Exp


  • Property Taxes: Property tax represents the largest percent of revenue source for the City of Coppell. The certified  estimated valuation, provided by Dallas Central Appraisal District and Denton Central Appraisal  District for 2020-2021 is $8,389,096,043, an increase from last year of $343,679,204 or 4.27% due  mostly to the increase in values protested. The property tax rate will be decreased to $0.580000 per  $100 valuation. This year the average taxable home value has risen to $400,343 ($386,058 last year);  based on this year’s value, the average homeowner will pay $2,322 in property taxes for City Services.  Ad Valorem property tax revenue for 2020-21 is budgeted to generate $48,656,757, which does not  include delinquent taxes and penalty and interest charges. The City received certified values from  the Appraisal Districts on or before August 20th.
  • Sales Tax: The current sales tax rate in Coppell is 8.25% on goods/services sold within the city. Sales tax is collected by businesses and remitted to the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts. The State retains 6.25% and distributes 2% to the City. Of the 2%, 1% is designated for City operations. The other 1% is split: ½ is a special 4B sales tax that is used to fund specific recreational projects; ¼ provides funding for maintenance and repair of existing city streets; and ¼ for the crime control and prevention district for crime reduction programs. Total sales tax revenue budgeted for this year is $24,184,634.  Sales tax revenue has been budgeted to decrease by 40% in anticipation of the sate Comptroller’s Rule 3.334 which redistributes collections.
  • Service Fees & Permits: The City of Coppell charges fees for providing water and sewer services to the citizens and businesses  of Coppell. Residential sewer rates are $22.40 for the first 1,000 gallons, and $2.24 per 1,000 gallons up to a maximum of 14,000 gallons. Water rates are based on the size of the meter and usage; the City  uses a seasonal rate structure to encourage conservation. With approximately 13,500 water customers  and 12,350 sewer customers, the City anticipates receiving $12,052,434 in water sales and $7,130,548  in sewer sales. The Water and Sewer revenues make up approximately 60.65% of this major source  category. The remaining amount includes revenue from programs, fees, and permits. Water and Sewer  sales are budgeted based on historical consumption and projected costs to provide service.
  • Franchise Taxes: Franchise/Other Taxes Revenue includes revenue collected from electric, telephone, gas, solid waste, and cable franchise agreements with local providers, as well as hotel occupancy tax collected.  Franchise taxes are anticipated to decrease due to recent legislation; the City will begin retaining  some HOT taxes in FY2020-21.
  • Fines: Revenue collected by the Coppell Municipal Court for fines and costs imposed by the Court.  Municipal Court fines are budgeted to remain flat.
  • Interfund Transfer: Revenue transferred from the General Fund to the Infrastructure Maintenance Fund for maintenance of  city streets, alleys, curbs, traffic loops, pavement markings, is $2,144,000, which includes $1,196,000  from Streets. The City is budgeting $300,000 from the General Fund to the Cemetery. The IMF transfer  is budgeted based upon the estimated costs associated with the established infrastructure  replacement schedule provided by the Public Works Department during the five-year planning process.
  • Interest & Other Income: Interest income and all other miscellaneous revenue not categorized elsewhere are included. The  interest income represents yields on investments budgeted for FY2020-21. Estimated interest rates  applied to estimated cash balances provide the basis for budgeting interest income.
  • Water and Sewer Reimbursement: The administrative charge by the General Fund to the Water and Sewer Fund for services provided by  the General Fund. This revenue source is being increased in FY2020-21 due to the results of a cost  allocation study.

**City budget data from Budget 2020-2021

All city budget data is from Budget 2020-2021, city website link above.